1.3.1 – the voice of marketing by David Thomas

September 6, 2007
the voice of marketing.
By D. Thomas
I am the voice of marketing.
I sell snake oil and oil.
Fast food that kills.
Speed. Love. Sex.
I can make you thirsty for water.
Not from the tap.
That could kill.
No, from a bottle that lasts a thousand years.
I can make you want drugs you don’t need.
With side effects to make your life miserable and short.
I am honest, dripping with sincerity.
Even when I lie, it rings of truth.
I am the scorpion on the frogs back.
I will sting you.
We are a relationship of mouth to ear.
A siren’s call is all you hear.

1.3.1 – the voice of marketing.
David Thomas [US] voiceover/artist
digital audio
1 min 52 sec