26 – We’re Famous by Topos Graphics


26 – We’re Famous, 2008
Topos Graphics [US] graphic design studio. New York: Seth Labenz & Roy Rub
ink on newsprint
23 x 16 in / 58.4 x 40.6 cm


Warhol famously said, “In the future, everyone will be world- famous for 15 minutes.”
We’re Famous. Making a piece so titled is both a nod to the collective we and we, as a small design studio in New York City parlaying ideas and instigating or subscribing to trends. In a fast culture of superstardom–design heroes among them–we are, for better or worse, embedded in the collective project of creating and authoring slogans, catch-phrases, and ways of seeing–things motivated by the vibe of immediate gratification. Clamoring for the limelight, we all want to be on the proverbial tv, and we all are.
New York is seemingly the ideal model of this–a cross section of the here-and-now–the amorphous, vulnerable, permeable time capsule that is always and continuously the next best thing. This piece is also very timely for us, too, because to some, we all just got here. We will be regarded very differently now compared to later or before. And as such we reject (or continue inadvertently) the Modernist idea of an image/object being ever-lasting. Designed for newsprint, we like to think that We’re Famous embraces that which won’t last forever but at the same time points to something more layered, less fleeting, and apro- pos of something.
So on to the next thing,
Seth Labenz and Roy Rub


Led by Seth Labenz and Roy Rub, Topos Graphics calls home the place where thought and form meet, and they live and work with graphics in New York City. Specializing in ideas for print, they’re interested in projects that both raise questions and point toward answers. Small or large in scale and intimate or public in sentiment, their work is propelled by a desire to see words and images actively participate across multiple platforms.