29 – Untitled (Yearbook) by Andrew Weinstein


29 – Untitled (Yearbook), 2008
Andrew Weinstein [US] art historian/theorist/writer. NY. digital print
13.8 x 20.4 in / 35 x 51.8 cm


My piece relates to all three 0 works, though the obvious connections are to Self Portrait by Reona Ueda: my self-portrait, like his, reveals nothing of myself from within the crowd, and the “senior superlatives” attached to my photo ignore subtlety and mystery in favor of readymade labels, rather like the labels most people chose for themselves in [his] project on beliefs. My contribution relates to the Partisan Publik piece, too, in particular to the stencils painted around Beirut which I see almost like corporate logos that promote simplistic and reductive recognitions.


Andrew Weinstein teaches art history at the Fashion Institute of Technology, SUNY and the Cooper Union. In addition to academic essays for university presses, he has written personal essays, fiction, and reviews for ranging publications including Boulevard, where he is currently a contributing editor.